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9 foods for depression better than meds

Depression has effects on mind and body too, so see this in time.

These 9 items fight it better than meds.

  • Blueberries- they have antioxidants that reduce oxidation stress, make new cells too
  • Banana- this has tryptophan that is changed into 5-HTP in the brain. Then this item is changed to positive neurotransmitters like melatonin and serotonin. Also there is Mg and potassium


  • Almonds- mg is amazing for migraine and depression and 100 g almonds have 268 mg of Mg. this was claimed by a 1968 study that said Mg cures migraine, depression and stress. Have a handful daily. Women and men between 19-30 need 310 mg and 400 mg Mg, but older than 31 need 420 mg and women 320 mg
  • Avocado- they have potassium, so in 100 g there is 485 mg. this cures stress too. Have avocado for snack and all day long too, adults need 4.700 mg potassium per day
  • Asparagus- this has folic acid, B vitamins for mental health and tryptophan converting into serotonin


  • Chocolate- the cocoa or dark chocolate boost serotonin and dopamine in brain. Lowers cortisol too the stress hormone. Have 40 g of this daily
  • Spinach- this has more folic acid than other leafy veggies. Folic acid boosts dopamine and serotonin. Spinach also has mg and cures depression
  • Salmon- this has omega 3 fats and softens cell membranes for serotonin in brain. With drugs, this helps in reducing side effects of drugs. Always have it organic, to get 1 gram omega 3 fats
  • Green tea- this cures depression. It has polyphenols for boosting brain dopamine and more insulin sensitivity, so a steady glucose is made for brain fuel. More green tea means more benefits.

See the video of Barbara Mendes to know more on depression foods.

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