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Ancient oil for migraines, anxiety, depression and cancer- used centuries back

World has seen many benefits of essential oils. They are used for aromatherapy and many other issues.
These oils are from plants leaves, root, stem, barks and are healthy for us. Among them are frankincense as best.
It is also named olibanum and has many benefits like less stress, anxiety, less inflammation and pain and more immune responses to deal with cancer.
It comes from Somali tree or boswellia carterii and boswellia sacara, which needs minimal for growth


  • This is used with inhalation or skin rubbing. It can be mixed with other oils, like jojoba. Brain benefits from this and nerves are soothed. But this is not consumed, since is toxic this way.
  • When you buy this oil, no labeled ‘fragrance’ or ‘perfume’.
  • The best 8 uses
  • Bath stress relief- you need a few drops of this. Also use vaporizer too and inhale it. this removes anxiety and gives spiritual relief.
  • House cleaning- it is antiseptic and kills bacteria. It sanitizes household and surfaces. Use oil diffuser too for every room.
  • Personal hygiene- this also makes good oral care. It cures dental issues and tooth decay, breath issues, cavity and more. Make toothpaste of this oil and baking soda.
  • Fighting wrinkles- this oil is astringent and keeps skin cells healthy. Removes acne scars, large pores, wrinkles and lightens skin too. It prevents saggy skin in belly, jowls and under eyes. Have 6 drops of this in 1 oz unscented oil and apply on skin. Test on small patch first for allergy.
  • Indigestion- gas, aches, constipation, IBS, PMS…this oil works the intestines and delivers food fast. Mix 2 drops with 8 oz water and spoon honey. For oral use, talk with doctor first. Always get organic items and oils.
  • Healing wounds, scars, acne, stretch marks- this fades scars fast, also dark spots, acne scars and marks, eczema and surgery scars. Mix 3 drops of this and unperfumed base oil. Rub skin.
  • Cold and flu- if you have breathing issues use this oil. Unclogs nose, removes mucus and stops asthma. Put a few drops on a cloth and inhale.
  • No pain and inflammation- this relieves arthritis, digestion issues, asthma and use diffuser with some water, soak cloth and inhale. Also this cures neck and joint pain.
  • Frankincense oil benefits
  • Less stress- inhale this oil and calm down. It removes depression, anxiety and more.
  • More immunity- studies said this removes bacteria, cancer and viruses. Also removes skin germs, mouth and other germs. It is antiseptic and cures bad breath, gingivitis, toothache, cavities, mouth sores.
  • Fighting cancer and chemo side effects- a study said this oil has AKBA for killing cancer and chemo side effects
  • No germs and bacteria- it removes flu and cold germs
  • Skincare and no aging signs- this oil tightens skin and makes it vital, removes bacteria and blemishes too. Also reduces age signs and fades scars, heals wounds and stretch marks.
  • Regulation in hormones- this oil makes hormonal balance and PMS cycles. It treats pain, cramps, headache, constipation, fatigue, nausea, anxiety, mood swings. Also boosts estrogen and less cyst growth.
  • Boosted digestion- this oil works the digestion system and bowels. Also reduces pain and cramps and removes bloating and edema. It triggers digestive enzymes, elevates urine making, soothes digestion and makes good blood flow. It deals with many issues like leaky gut, colitis, ulcers, Crohn’s and IBS.
  • Solid sleep-this calms you and makes good sleep. It relaxes muscles and cures insomnia, clears breathing paths too. Also balances body temperature.
  • Less pain and inflammation- It removes inflammation and cures asthma, arthritis, IBS and more. It keeps cartilage healthy also tendons and joints healthy too.

Side effects
There are no side effects almost, but use it just externally. Sometimes, rash might happen but not severe. This is also blood thinner so for blood clots, avoid it.

DIY recipes
As we said, this oil goes well with jojoba, coconut and shea. Also lavender.
DIY soap bar
This has vitamins and hydrates skin.
Time: 30 min
You need:
30 drops oil
Soap base
5 drops pomegranate oil
Oval bar mold and decorative mold

In a bowl, put the soap and then in a pan with water. Melt soap and set aside. Add frankincense and pomegranate and mix. Put this in mold and let it cool.

Reduce scars with this butter
Prep time is 5 min
Serves are 4
You need:
2 oz shea or coconut
10 drops jasmine
10 drops frankincense

With double boiler, melt the shea. Add the rest of oils and mix. Keep at room heat and apply on the scar. Or even place this in toothpaste tube then refrigerate and stir the oils.
Sleep induce face cream/body rub
Time is 5 min
Serving is 1
You need:
5 drops frankincense
5 drops lavender
Half spoon coconut oil
Half spoon olive oil

Use soft coconut oil. Mix in other oils and apply on body and face. Store the rest in jar.

DIY myrrh and frankincense lotion
This is for hydration and nutrients
Prep is 90 min
Serves 30

You need:

¼ cup olive oil
¼ cup coconut
¼ cup beeswax
¼ cup shea
2 spoons vitamin E
20 drops frankincense
20 drops myrrh
BPA free plastic bottle


In glass bowl, mix olive oil, beeswax, coconut, and shea. Then put this in pan with water and warm up to melt. Put this mix in fridge and after an hour is solid.
Mix until fluffy. Add oils in the end and E vitamin. Store in cool place.

Final comments:
All oils are concentrated and you need label reading first. Use them just externally and away of pets and kids. No eye contact. In case you touch eyes, wash with veggie oil like olive oil, not water.
To test for allergy, put a drop in back of wrist and after an hour see if the skin is red. If it is, cold water rinse and no oil use.

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