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Avocado daily effects

Avocado is the best fruit on the planet. It has good fats and health benefits.
Hass avocado board HAB will make a study to know more on the benefits of avocado against diabetes, heart issues, weight issues and nutrient absorbing too.
This was published in 2012 first version and as to a study in UCLA, eating half avocado daily with burger of 90% lean beef will inhibit interleukin-6 IL-6, inflammation item  made in large amounts when you eat burger with no avocado.
The lead author was MD, PhD, David Heber. He said avocado is healthy for the heart.
Experts saw increase in IL-6 of 70% in just 4 hours after the plain burger, and smaller effect of IL-6 of burger with avocado.
Also they said avocado with burger does not increase triglycerides. Only burger eating did not show such results.
Also they claimed there is difference in arterial blood flow peripheral and predicting vascular health. this was seen after eating burger compared to burger+ avocado.
Reducing in blood flow was seen after plain burger eaten with 27% drop compared with fresh avocado, or 4% drop.

Avocado is super food
Avocado has monounsaturated fats for energy. Also they have potassium.
You will have more health and ideal weight with no grain carbs. Make sure to increase healthy fats too. Avocado, coconut oil, grass fed butter, eggs are few healthy fat items.
Try to limit proteins and prevent cancer and heart issues too. We all want protein but we get it poor quality. Also this is found in beef and other animals. If you want to reduce protein, replace lost calories with healthy fats, olives, butter, avocado, coconut, olive oil and nuts.
People usually use 50-70% fat in diets from veggie carbs. A medium avocado has 22.5 g fat and 2/3 of this is monounsaturated. Also it has fructose and nutrients like:
E vitamin
B vitamin
Folic acid

You can buy avocados safely. No need for organic, all avocados are thick on outside and safe from pesticides.

Avocado health benefits
As we said, this has benefits. Japanese experts said this keeps liver from damage. A study had 4 lab rats that got avocado and 22 fruits too, those with avocado had almost no liver damage. This is due to D-galactosamine or toxin in liver that meddles with cells and death of cells. Liver damages of chemicals look like virus damages. As to the experts, avocados even aid in curing viral hepatitis.
The lead author, PhD, Hirokazu Kawagishi said  this fruit is tasty and makes healthy liver. Consume this often.
Avocado also helps in absorbing nutrients of fat along with alpha carotene and beta carotene, also lutein.
Another study of 2005 said to add avocado in salads and absorb 5 times more carotenoids and antioxidants for fighting free radical damage. Avocados have items that kill cancer in mouth too. Also they improve lipids in non-optimized HDL cholesterol. A study with 8 healthy persons proved low serum cholesterol level of 16% after just a week dieting with avocado fats. Those with cholesterol increase had lower serum in cholesterol b y 17% and 22% decrease triglycerides for LDL. Also 11% increase in good cholesterol.

Peeling avocado the best way
This is peeled in several ways. California avocado commission said in 2010:
California grown avocados have 11 carotenoids. They have complex phytonutrients with health benefits. These are called carotenoids and keep us safe from macular degeneration, aging, cancer and heart issues.
Experts proved that benefits are closer to the peel of the fruit.
Keep most antioxidants by peeling avocado with hands , just like banana.
First, cut avocado around the seed, length-wise and hold every half. Twist the halves and opposite directions only! You will divide this from seed easily this way.
Seed it, cut down the length and use thumbs and index to peel skin off.

More avocado in diet tips
This is mostly eaten raw or in salads. Also:
Replace oils, butters with avocado
Or use this as baby food instead market bought baby food

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