Diet for Losing 12 Kilograms in a Month

Brazil diet is the latest craze. It gives amazing results and there are 2 versions: fast and normal. Fast is with rigorous effect and is bad for the health. we give you the normal version with fruits and veggies.


The week diet plan


  • Monday- breakfast is cup OJ, banana and orange. Snack is toast slice and cup OJ. Lunch is 100 g veggies and 100 g boiled fish. Dinner is like lunch. Before sleep get small toast and cup OJ.
  • Tuesday- breakfast is cup apple juice, snack same, lunch is lettuce, 2 boiled potatoes and meat 100 g cooked. Dinner is peas, lettuce, boiled egg and 200 g fish, boiled. Before sleep get toast and cup apple juice.
  • Wednesday- breakfast is cup milk and toast. Snack is lean cheese 100 g, lunch is 100 g rice, cabbage 150 g, lemon juice and parsley as dressing. Dinner is lettuce, apple and 100 g meat, cooked. Before sleep get toast and cup apple juice.
  • Thursday- breakfast is 60 g pineapple and cup pineapple juice, snack is toast and cup pineapple juice, lunch is orange, a bit cheese and 100 g boiled meat, dinner is 150 g carrots with oil and potatoes (2, boiled)
  • Friday- breakfast is toast, cup apple juice, snack is orange and apple, lunch is 2 boiled carrots, 150 g boiled fish, dinner is a bit bread, veggie soup (fish or mushroom) and before sleep get toast and cup OJ
  • Saturday- breakfast is slice toast and cup apple juice. Snack is 150 g boiled beets with salad, lunch is bread, fish stew or creamy soup. Dinner is 100 g veggies and 100 g mushrooms. Before sleep get 2 biscuits and cup apple juice.
  • Sunday- breakfast is handful grapes and banana, snack is toast and cup carrot juice, lunch is 100 g onions, cabbage and lemon juice. Dinner is lettuce, 100 g fruit and bowl of veggie stew, before sleep get 2 dry figs and cup apple juice.


Repeat this diet for 2-4 weeks and no more. After you reach the aim, have more fruits and veggies and proteins too. Have workouts like walking, cycling, swimming.



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