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Drink water after waking up – here is why

Japanese people always drank water on empty belly after waking up. Studies said this is healthy.
To hydrate the body heals many issues like headache, nausea, vomiting, asthma, diarrhea, constipation and pains, throat and nose issues, heart issues, bronchitis, meningitis, tachycardia, TB, diabetes, epilepsy, piles, cholesterol, gastritis, kidney issues, bladder issues, UTIs, uterus issues, PMS issues, ear and eye issues.

Treatment method
When you wake up, before brushing teeth have 640 ml water. Or 4 glasses of 160 ml each. After brushing skip drinking and eating for 45 minutes. Then drink and eat as you do.After a meal, skip drinking for 2 hours.

Older and sick people could not drink so much so they can increase gradually until they reach 640 ml.
This method prevents issues, gives energy, rejuvenates and makes skin better.


How many days of this treatment?

10 days for gastritis
10 days for constipation
30 days for diabetes
30 days for pressure
90 days for TB

This water method must become a habit for health and energy,
For those with arthritis, follow this for 3 days in the first week, then pause a week and start again daily. Consult a doctor before this in case.
This has no side effects apart from often urinating.


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