Grandma told me this trick for softer feet in 1 night

Here you can see the best recipe for cracked heel curing.
First, warm water treating.
You need:
Lukewarm water
Pumice stone
2 spoons baking soda
2 spoons salt

In a tub add the water and soda with salt. Mix and soak for 15 min. after that pat them dry and rub with pumice stone.
Also get 2 spoons oil and some sugar.
In a bowl, add the oil and sugar, scrub is done and rub feet gently 5 min. then rinse.
In the end get a candle and som

e oil.
In a bowl, add the oil and a bit of the candle. Put this above hot water to melt and when cooled, the cream is ready. Apply. Put socks on.

Article and image source: www.healthylifeidea.com

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