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Have larger servings of these foods with less calories

It sounds amazing that super foods can be eaten a lot with the same calories.
There are some foods that have many nutrients and fibers and almost no calories. This means healthy diet foods. they give satiety and do not make weight gain. Have them freely and have good weight.
They have fibers and proteins too.

15 foods with fiber and nutrients for satiety

Have them regularly instead of sugars and fats.

  • Apple and plums- 100 g plums has 45 calories and apple has 50. Plums have potassium and C for the heart and vessels. Also apple makes good digestion and more satiety.
  • Cucumber- this is 96% water
  • Celery- for detox and weight loss. The stems are 95% water and this is diuretic too. A cup has 16 calories.
  • Orange, tangerine and grapefruit- lots of fruit is not for weight loss. But citrus fruits have flavonoids, fibers and C for satiety and digestion, liver detox too
  • Berries – the best are cranberry, currant, strawberry. They have C and also are diuretics to fight edema, make digestion and heart better too
  • Beet- one piece of this veggie is 40 calories. Beets have many nutrients like manganese. This veggie juice boosts metabolism, constipation fighting and burning fat

  • Cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower- diced cabbage serving is just 7 calories. But they are not to be eaten alone since they damage iodine inside. Have them combined few times weekly.
  • Algae – the laminaria has iodine for the thyroid. This balanced weight gain hormones
  • Pineapple- this has bromelain for more burning fat
  • Watermelon and melon- a slice of these has 60 calories, for satiety and edema curing
  • Eggs- they have proteins and aid in weight loss
  • Lettuce- one lettuce has just 3 calories and folic acid too
  • Eggplant- have it grilled with no oil, it has just 24 calories
  • Popcorn- eat it plan with no sugar or butter, a cup has 31 calories
  • Zucchini – a serving is 42 calories. This is for health, water and salt ratio and weight loss

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