How Much You Have to Walk to Lose Weight

Walking is the best form of activity and workouts. Depends how often you walk, but you can lose pound per week this way. Also you can lose 20 lbs in even 5 months with no gym workouts or diets.


Walk properly and lose weight

Two factors can burn calories , walking and body weight too. If you have average walk speed for hour, you burn 400 calories. Adjust the speed as you need it. add another 3 miles and burn 3 calories more. Amazing.
Also get a pedometer to track calories burnt and steps made. You will see how easy weight loss can be.



Pedometer for losing weight

To achieve the goal, be stimulated. Use the pedometer, said American Medical Association. Wear it around the hips, it is light and it will say how many steps you made.
Wrist band pedometer monitors the workouts daily. When you get to the goal, minor progress will make you go more. Good quality pedometers also check how many pounds you lost and calories you burnt.



How many steps for weight loss?

Everyone can benefit from walking even with the same speed and distance daily.
Some burn even 100 calories per mile and some need 2000 steps for calories burning. Pedometer comes in handy now.



See the pattern here:

1 mile- 100 calories and 2000 steps
1 pound-3500 calories
Weight loss of pound per week-500 calories daily
To lose pound per week, walk 10.000 steps


Keep the walk interest

This is vital. But, this might get boring and you will lose interest. Here are some tips for a fun walking:

  • Change the daily routine
  • Ask frends and family to walk with you
  • Change the track every week or 2 weeks. Same tracks daily are boring.
  • Walk in the park, streets, neighborhood, play music with headset too
  • Buy a treadmill if you have the money. This way you can watch a movie and still walk


Tips for a busy day:

Park the car away and walk more
If you always get the bus, try walking every other day
Skip elevators and use stairs
Walk the kids to school
Whenever you can walk, do it and avoid taxis and buses.



What is walking style?

If you need this as a workout, keep eyes 100 feet forward, tighten glutes, chin up, and tight belly too, to match the spine.


How often we need walking?

Before you start this, talk to your doctor just in case.
At start, walk 15-20 min 3 days weekly. Then increase over time to 30-60 min daily.



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