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Press this point for 2 minutes and see body changes fast

Chinese medicine says feet are full of many locations of the body linked to organs. Massaging these points gives relief and better health.

The vital point is Tai Chong LV3 is in the foot, between toe and second toe, 2 fingers width above the toe skin and toe joint.

Stimulating these points helps in headaches, stress, anger, lower back pain, pressure, PMS, limb pains, anxiety, insomnia and liver issues.
Chinese said this is good for genital pain, digestion, canker sores, headaches, eye issues and irritability.

Also, experts said a trial gave good results with acupuncture on the Tai Chong LV3 and similar points too, for managing post-stroke depression. Animal studies also said this reduces pressure and plasma endothelin 1 levels for hypertension.

For the benefits, stimulate this point like this: slide finger along the first and second toe tip of joints all the way. LV3 is located in the gap before the finger gets to the bone.
When you find this, massage for 3 seconds and pause 5. Repeat for 2 minutes and move clockwise.
Also, avoid this when you lack energy.


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