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Put cabbage leaf on the legs, chest, neck – after 60 min see the change

Cabbage is the veggie of brassica family and this also has Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli.Cabbage is crucifer and round so is found all year long. This is good for a healthy diet with many benefits.

The 5 reasons why cabbage wrap is good

  • For breastfeeding- the International breastfeeding center said cabbage lessened engorgement and boosted milk flow. Use rolling pin to crush the leaves. Put them on the breasts and this acts for 20 minutes. Is done 2 times per day. Then breastfeeding or pumping. Also they are used after the feeding until is wilted. The doctor, GP Rob Hicks, said mothers should apply blanched leaves on belly for less PMS and postpartum pains. Also use chilled leaves directly off the fridge for tender breasts


  • Faster wound healing- the methionine in cabbage makes growth and repair of tissues. This is amino acid that heals. Put blanched leaf on the wound for inflammation, infection and healing. This acid stops tynenol and copper poisoning, fights alcoholism, liver issues, allergies, asthma, Parkinson’s, schizophrenia and depression.


  • Less headaches- this veggie has Mg, iron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, folate, C and K. these remove headaches from nutrition deficits. The amino acid mentioned makes good detox too and links to heavy metals like lead and mercury. You will have less exposure to toxins this way
  • No thyroid issues- crucifer veggie eating has bad impact on hormones and many experts say cabbage wraps on the thyroid overnight is good. This neutralizes hormones that damage thyroid.
  • No swelling- the therapist Karen Howell said this wrap is for inflamed joints. All crucifer veggies have glucosinolate that kills cancer.

Cut a stiff vein found in every leaf and place on cutting board with plastic wrap. Then put paper towel over and under leaf, then pound with cleaver. This activates good items in cabbage.

Then remove them from the paper towel and apply on joints. Use plastic wrap to secure.
If you have serious pain, use cold pack over the cabbage and secure with cloth.
Also reduce edema with cabbage. Wash leaves, dry them, refrigerate. Then apply them on limb to act. Repeat until resolved.

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