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The 11 Plants All Native Americans Used for Curing Any Issue, From Joints to Cancer

The tribe Cherokee is indigenous in USA south parts. They believed that they got the gift of the Creator that made them know all about medicinal herbs.
They believed that nature is the best pharmacy. Also plants are scarcer with time and they knew the amazing method for picking every third plant found and leave enough for the future.
The next 11 plants used by them cured any illness. Before we go deeper, be warned, these plants can be hazardous and strong if misused.

  • Big stretch or wild ginger- the tea of this makes digestion better, soothes belly, colic and gas too. Also strong tea of this removes mucus of lungs. Another tribe the Meskiwaki cured ear pain with crushed and steeped stems of this plant. The rootstocks replaced plain ginger and flowers for flavor.
  • Hummingbird blossom or buck brush- they used this for mouth and throat problems, cysts, inflammation, fibroid tumors and hypertension or lymph blockages too. Cherokees used this as diuretic too for the kidneys and also for enlarged spleen, inflamed tonsils, hemorrhoids, large lymph nodes, PMS bleedings. They would steep the plant for 5 min and have it warm.
  • Pull out a sticker or greenbriar- this is rich in starches and full of calories too and the taste is weird. Stems and leaves are full of minerals and vitamins, the texture is rubbery so it can be used as potato too. The plant also is mild diuretic for UTIs and cleansing blood. The leaves and bark are made for ointments for sores and burns. Leaves are added to tea for arthritis and berries are eaten as jam or raw.
  • Mint- this is popular lately and had as tea. It has antioxidants and vitamin C, A, fiber, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. Cherokees had this for digestion and leaves were for ointments, crushed and put as cold compress or in baths for skin issues. The leaves and stems cured hypertension too so make mint water also for cracked nipples if you are a mom.
  • Blackberry- the best for the belly. Also for bleeding gums if you chew the leaves. Make cough syrup by mixing roots, add maple or honey and the tea will remove inflammation in joints. These berries have vitamins A, C, B6, E, K, riboflavin, folate, thiamine, niacin, zinc, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus. Also they have amino acids and fiber. The benefits are better immunity, less endothelial problems, healthy heart, no cancer, better digestion.
  • Cattail- this promoted recovery after problems. Apart from seed heads and leaves, other parts are medicinal. The root has starches and male plants have pollen. It is made as potatoes, boiled and mashed. Make paste for soothing burns and sores. The pollen has protein for baking. The flowers help in diarrhea. Get the flowers fuzz for skin issues in babies.
  • Qua lo ga or sumac- this whole plant is useful, the bark is for diarrhea and sore throat, the berries have C vitamin so have them as juice, the leaves are for fever tea making. Make ointment from crushed leaves and cure poison ivy rash. Also study in Iran journal of pharmaceutical research said this lowers cholesterol.
  • Jisdu unigisdi or wild rose- this plant has vitamin C for flu and cold. Cherokees made tea of the rose hips for better kidneys and bladder. The wild rose petal extract soothes throat, and root extract is for diarrhea. The petals also are for a jam.
  • Mullein- this helps in chest congestion and asthma. Cherokees believed that inhaling the smoke of burnt roots and leaves soothes lungs. The flowers are for tea to sedate you. This soothes mucous membranes and for removal of joint pain, get warm decoction to soak the feet. It removes inflammation in tissues.
  • Kawi iyusdi or yellow dock- this is found in every kitchen and is similar to the spinach, only more nutritious. The roots get all nutrients underground. The leaves have iron and are laxatives. Make juice of stems to soothe itching, sores and diaper rash. Also crushed roots are antiseptic and used for washing.
  • Squirrel tail or yarrow- this is for blood clotting so to stop bleeding, apply fresh or crushed leaves on a wound. The juice with spring water stops internal bleed and intestine issues. The leaves are made as tea for better digestion and belly work and even acne curing. This will cure even kidney and gallbladder issues, chapped hands and skin problems too.


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