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The 3 juices colon cleanse with apple, ginger, lemon, flushes toxins and melts fat

These days, people suffer from common health issues linked to digestion, damaged gut, constipation, and even IBS. The colon role is vital for the whole health to remove waste and clean toxins.

To do this, cleanse all deposits waste and chemicals. The DIY natural recipe is 100% natural and simple for colon cleanse.

During this cleanse you have to stay at home to visit toilet more often for toxin removal. The recipe is with apples, ginger, sea salt, lemon and such.
Studies suggested apple a day makes less need of drugs, ginger works up the colon and less bloating is seen, so bowels get regular. Then again, lemon is full of C, best antioxidants, sea salt cures indigestion with pushing and elimination.

Just 5 min to prepare this cure

You need:

  • 2 tbsp lemon juice
  • ½ tsp sea salt
  • 1 tsp ginger juice
  • ½ 100% organic OJ
  • ½ cup warm clean water


Add 3.5 oz filtered clean water in a pan or pot to warm it up. Not boiling. Put it in a glass, add salt stir well. Add the ginger, apple juice, lemon and drink up.


This is taken 3 times daily, morning before eating, before lunch and 6-7 pm at night. Lots of water is needed too at least 8 glasses daily.

Drink the most of water early to afternoon to skip night urinations.
Natural, safe, for pregnancy cases, allergies, drugs and meds, but still talk to a doctor ASAP.
It is not good for diabetes since apple juice has sugars
Do this cleanse for a day and no longer than a week.
This boosts metabolism, helps digesting, and you will be allover cleansed!



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