The chemical found in every food-this makes Celiac, Alzheimer’s, autism and more

The main item in the herbicide Roundup is glyphosate and this is more popular in the last decade.
The senior expert of Massachusetts technology institute, Dr. Stephanie Seneff said glyphosate makes more celiac disease.

Also Seneff added with Dr. Anthony Samsel to a research for correlation. This was published on December 2016. Seneff examined link between glyphosate and modern health issues like autism.

Seneff said this carries aluminum to the brain. Also arsenic in kidneys.
See the full version of interview with Seneff for more on autism and glyphosate.

Roundup links to more GE crops and chronic issues
The first results got published in journal Entropy 2016. There was second paper too with Samsel that said glyphosate made celiac.
Roundup use on soy and corn with time elevated risk of many issues like celiac too.
Results showed that celiac and gluten intolerance are linked.
Also modified organisms are linked to glyphosate before harvesting non-organic wheat to lower residue to be cleared, and this is weed killer.

What with glyphosate makes more risk of celiac
Have you known celiac is serious gluten intolerance that affects GI tract? Glyphosate even triggers gut damage and many other issues.
Glyphosate on wheat crops also raised risk of celiac.
Seneff said this use on wheat was popular 15 years ago and now too. When wheat gets glyphosate, it makes more seeds and more yield.
Also, this kills rye grass and this is serious weed problem since it makes herbicide issues. The rye grass rebalances the soil, so this plant is good.
Most non-organic wheat are loaded with this glyphosate. Most processed foods are from wheat, and many people have gut issues and celiac.
Glyphosate kills villi in the gut and lowers the ability to absorb nutrients. Also, wheat has gliadin that is not digested.
Glyphosate is indigestible. Seneff and Samsel said this binds to gliadin and makes immune effects.

Glyphosate meddles with a key sulfate for celiac
This item makes gut dysbiosis, or microbial imbalance in gut that makes leaky gut and inflammation. Also makes pathogen excess. Sulfur and sulfur pathways make good health. in case of inflamed gut, carrying sulfate is impaired.
Seneff said to soak in Epsom salt baths. The link between celiac and glyphosate is…
Sulfate is carried with 2 types of molecules, sterols and neurotransmitter. Sterols are D vitamin, cholesterol, sex hormone estrogen, DHEA, testosterone. Neurotransmitters are serotonin, adrenaline, dopamine, melatonin. They are due to pathways that glyphosate links with.
Also glyphosate meddles with the biological paths in plants and microbes or shikimate paths. This makes precursors to neurotransmitters. If you cannot make these precursors from excess glyphosate, you are deficient.
It is linked to celiac since serotonin plays a role in celiac. Excess serotonin is made in the gut from tryptophan. When you get glyphosate, gut cells make excess serotonin and this makes celiac and diarrhea.

Celiac comorbidities
Seneff said there are many of these common in celiac patients. This makes issues with kids, birth defects, for example microcephaly and anencephaly or small and missing brain.
Sadly, this is rare and common in babies born in Washington. It happens in one of USA nations per year. But such cases were 20 in Washington only in the last 3 years.
There is more, those with celiac also have more risk of cancer. It is also seen more risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and gastro cancer. Seneff said if you have this, lymphoma or cancer, have organic diet and prevent glyphosate exposing. Reverse sulfate deficits if you have chronic issues like cancer and lymphoma. Have sulfur foods and most of all, garlic.
In the video, Seneff explains the link between glyphosate and cancer.

Glyphosate steals essential minerals of the body
Also get trace minerals since glyphosate disrupts them, like iron, copper, manganese, cobalt, molybdenum. Glyphosate also makes damage of minerals. It chelates them in the gut. Due to this, gut bacteria does not reach them. Gut bacteria needs minerals for health. lactobacillus is the bacteria that needs manganese. Get bioavailable minerals. Also from food. Have organic diet, Himalayan and sea salt.

How to remove toxins of the diet
You cannot remove glyphosate from GMO foods. so remove these foods of the diet. Organic foods do not have chemicals. But labels like natural and all natural are not a guarantee.
Avoid meats and animal items, since they are mostly factory raised and GMO. Glyphosate is accumulated in their tissues.
Seneff said they had some success in detox in animals from this item by feeding them charcoal and hummus. But, chemical toxins are not easy to remove.
It is hard to reverse damage once done, so avoid processed foods with glyphosate. And kids must avoid these foods at all costs.
Get food from local farmers who never use glyphosate and toxins. And try to grow your produce.

Article and image source: dailyhealthkeeper.com

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