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The Medicine Benefits From Cinnamon – Doctors Hide This

Cinnamon was long before used as spice and medicine too. It was even named gold precious. This is made from the cinnamon brown bark and can be in dry tubular form like sticks or powder. It has nice aroma, sweet smell and taste and you can find 100 kinds of it.

The main health benefits are in the crust. The oils have cinnamalehyde and cinnamyl acetate, also cinnamyl alcohol.

Cinnamon removes bacteria, inflammation, infections, and is anticoagulant too. It has antioxidants, minerals, polyphenols, manganese, calcium, iron and fiber for health. also, it has suvgars, carbs, amino and fat acids.


Medicine benefits of cinnamon

  • Leveled blood sugar- cinnamon aids in diabetes 2. It makes better insulin responses and stop the enzyme that activates this, so you have better glucose in cells. Have tsp per day and lower the sugar in diabetes 2. Add this in oatmeal, cereal and tea or coffee.
  • Better brain work-it makes alert brain and just the smell alone can make brain better. The smell makes amazing cognition and brain work for attention, virtual memory recognizing and working memory, visual speed too for PC working. Those with anxiety can have cinnamon tea to soothe the mind
  • No heart problems- since it kills inflammation, cinnamon keeps heart and arteries safe from bad cholesterol and clogging. The toxins and plaque make the heart problems. Cinnamon fights the bad cholesterol and lowers it. also it heals inflammation and reduces risk of attack or stroke
  • Better colon- it gives you fiber, calcium and manganese too so they make colon better. The fiber and calcium link to bile salts and remove them easy. By removing bile, fiber stops damage of salts to colon and reduces cancer risks. Fiber also aids in IBS, constipation and diarrhea.
  • Prevention to cancer- studies said cinnamon stops cancer growth and prevents it even. A study from Texas University said this reduces cancer cells and prevents cancer, especially leukemia and lymphoma.
  • Better blood flow- cinnamon has coumarin that is anticoagulant. This makes better blood flow and too much of it can indeed damage the liver, so in moderation.
  • Protection to neurodegenerative issues- It removes inflammation and cures the brain so it can prevent Alzheimer’s, MS, Parkinson’s, meningitis and brain tumors.



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