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This natural cure stops a headache really fast

Headache distract us and hurt a lot, but are not so serious. Regular headaches stop daily enjoying and activities, and make simple tasks hard. Migraines and headaches go along throbbing pain, light sensitivity, nausea, vomiting. People always get meds and painkillers but these have side effects.

Regular painkillers make stroke risks, heart attacks, allergy, belly reactions, ulcers, acid reflux, upset belly, rash, kidney issues, liver damage and nausea. Stop with them and try nature instead.

Here we have a natural and good cure, that is in the kitchen!
Mix Himalayan salt and lemon juice for removing headaches.
The items are healthy and make a detox too.
Mix 2 tsp Himalayan salt and 1 lemon juice in water. Drink up.
Here is the video for more info. People swore by this. Some dislike Himalayan salt and try sea salt instead.

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