Week-long alkaline diet for inflammation and disease curing

The pH levels show if something is alkaline or acidic. pH scale is from 0 acidic to 14 alkaline and 7 neutral.
Every living organism has pH levels, and small changes make dire effects.
Our blood is more alkaline with 7.35 and 7.45 too, and belly acids are 3.5 or below for digestion. For proper pH of blood, urine changes its pH value.
Alkaline diets are of alkaline foods for pH balancing, and modern diets have acidic foods that make inflammations.
So, they prevent insomnia, bloating, bad memory, kidney stones, low energy, pressure, diabetes, headaches, muscle pain and weak bones.
These diets are popular and also healing, even for cancer.
A lot of people share their good experience with these diets and many still are uninformed.
The medical experts doubts this diet for the pH. But facts say that this is good and works for energizing and health. this lasts 7 days and changes you.
Alkaline diets make weight loss, cure inflammation, arthritis and cancer.
Sugars and fatty foods are acidic and make bad blood, so the body steals minerals of organs and bones for pH of 7.4.
Acidosis makes inflammation, MS, pain in joints, immunity issues, cancer, fatigue.
Cancer cells die in alkaline areas. pH also is needed for cell signals and tasks.
Nutrition expert Vicki Edgson and chef Natasha Corett made the Honestly Healthy alkaline program with goal of reaching 7.35 and 7.45. this is done with 80% alkaline foods and 20% acidic foods.


Have fruits, veggies, peas, beans, legumes, tofu, soybeans, coconut, olive oil, flaxseed.

Alkaline musts


Avoid processed food, sweets, meat, dairy, alcohol, eggs, grains, coffee, soy, corn, sunflower and safflower, margarine and such.
Follow this plan and boost the health. also, see the recipes below

Week-long alkaline diet

  • Breakfast is chia and strawberry quinoa, snack is orange, lunch is savory sweet salad, snack is half cup nuts and dry fruits, dinner is green salad, olive oil, acv, 4 oz roasted chicken, sweet potato and parsnip.

Strawberry and chia quinoa

You need;
A cup cooked quinoa
5 spoons chia seed
Half cup strawberry and 4 sliced strawberries
2 dates
2 spoons chopped almonds and sugar-free coconut flakes
1 and 1 half cup coconut milk

Cook quinoa the night before eating, add in blender the coconut and dates. Make puree and put this in jar. Then add the chia. Mix and cover with lid. Refrigerate. When you wake up, add the quinoa and chia in a bowl and add toppings.

Savory sweet salad

You need:

Half cucumber
1 avocado
1 head lettuce
1 pomegranate
¼ pistachios
For dressing:
1 garlic clove
¼ cup acv
½ cup olive oil

Tear the lettuce and add all items. Then top with dressing.

Parsnips and roasted potatoes

You need:

1 + ¼ lb sweet potato
1 and ¼ lb parsnips
2 spoons olive oil
Salt and pepper
1 spoon mustard
2 spoons maple syrup

Cut and peel parsnips, turn on oven to 450 degrees. Add the parsnips on baking paper with the potatoes. Add oil, salt, pepper and bake for 30 min. in a bowl mix the mustard and maple and pour this over. Add parsley in the end.

Day 2
Start with vegan apple parfait, for snack a pear, for lunch avocado wrap and bean stew, for snack handful pumpkin seeds and dinner is cucumber with olive oil and acv, 4 oz chicken and roast Brussels sprouts with red pepper.

Vegan apple parfait recipe

You need:

A cup chopped apples
1/3 cup rolled oats
Half cup soaked cashews
Half cup coconut milk
Half tsp vanilla
Spoon hemp seed


Mix the coconut, vanilla, cashews and pour the cashew cream, then apples, add the hemp and oats on top.

Avocado wrap

You need:

1 avocado
1 tsp basil
Handful spinach
1 tomato
1 butter lettuce
1 tsp cilantro
¼ red onion
Salt and pepper


Spread the avocado on the leaf, add toppings. Fold.

White beans stew recipe

You need:
1 oz cannellini beans, rinsed
1 and ¾ cup low sodium chicken broth
15 oz tomato
2 garlic cloves
¼ cup and half spoon olive oil
5 oz baby arugula
8 slices baguette
¼ tsp black pepper

On medium heat, cook garlic in ¼ cup oil in 4 and ½ pot for 2 min. cut tomatoes and add oil. Then add pepper, broth, beans and let this boil. Lower heat and simmer for 5 min. add greens and cook a bit more.

Red pepper and brussels sprouts

You need:

1 and half brussels sprouts
2 plump garlic cloves
1 medium pepper
Spoon lemon zest
4 spoons olive oil
2 spoons mint


Trim the sprouts at base, and remove leaves. Cut them in halves and place in bowl.
Add spoon oil and salt. Preheat oven to 400 degrees and add parchment paper. On medium heat, add 2 spoons oil in skillet.
Add the sprouts and until they brown for 5 min. then put them on baking sheet, side down, and repeat. Put this in the oven and roast for 10 min.
On medium heat, heat the pepper and oil, for 5 min. add garlic and cook some more. Add the sprouts and add mint, zest and pepper.

Day 3

Start with berry purple smoothie, snack is mango, lunch is Asian sesame noodles, snack is apricot and dinner is 4 oz salmon, half baked potato and curried greens and beets

Berry smoothie

You need;
A cup frozen mixed berries
A banana
2 cups spinach
2 cups almond milk
1 spoon chia
4 spoons almond butter


In a blender add almond milk and spinach, then the rest of items. Keep chia for last. When smooth, add chia and blend again. Let the chia expand.

Chicken sesame noodles

You need:

6 cups baby kale
4 oz brown rice noodles
3 carrots
3 bell peppers
1 pound skinless chicken
Half cup cashews
A cup cilantro
4 onions

For dressing:
2 cloves garlic
¼ cup PB
1/3 cup soysauce
¼ cup vinegar
2 spoons honey
1 spoon ginger
Lime juice
Half cup coconut oil
2 spoons water
2 spoons sesame oil

In cold water bowl, add the noodles to soak. Turn on oven to 400 degrees and in blender, add the dressing items apart of PB.
For marinating, add chicken in plastic bag and add ½ cup dressing for 30 min to sit. In blender, add PB and mix.
Add veggies in a bowl. Bake the chicken for 20 min and leave aside for 10 min. add the veggie mix.
Drain the noodles and cook them in medium heat. Add oil, dressing, and toss. Water if needed. Add cilantro and peanuts in the end.

Curried beet greens recipe

You need:
A bunch beet greens
Half small onion
¼ cup stems
Spoon coconut oil
3 garlic cloves
Half tsp turmeric
Half tsp chili
Half serrano chili
¼ semolina
Cup water
Half tsp cumin
Spoon lemon juice
Salt pinch

On medium heat, heat the oil and add beet stems, chili, garlic, onions. Add semolina and cook 3 min.
Then add chili, cumin, turmeric and beet, salt, water, cook 5 min and another 5 min with no lid. Add lemon in the end.

Day 4

Start with almond butter oats and apple, snack is banana, lunch is green goddess bowl, snack is handful almonds, dinner is kale pesto with zucchini and noodles.

Apple almond butter oat recipe

You need:
A cup green apple grated
1/3 cup raw almond butter
2 cups oats
1 and half cup coconut milk


Mix oats, coconut, almond butter and add apple, then put this in mason jar. Close with lid and refrigerate. Add cinnamon.
Green goddess
You need:
A spoon cumin
Dash cayenne
¼ tsp sea salt
2 limes juice
Cup water
1 spoon olive oil
Or ¼ smoked paprika

For Tahini lemon topping:
¼ cup tahini
½ lemon juice
½ cup water
Clove garlic
Spoon olive oil
¾ tsp sea salt
Black pepper

For salad:
½ zucchini
Half cup kelp noodles
3 cups kale
Half cup broccoli
1/3 cup cherry tomato
2 spoons hemp seed


Steam broccoli and kale. Mix the noodles and zucchini, put smoked avocado dressing.
Add cherry tomatoes and toss again. Put this with steamed veggies. Add lemon juice and tomatoes, noodles on top. Add hemp in the end.

Kale pesto zucchini noodle recipe

You need:
1 zucchini noodles
Half cup walnuts
2 limes
Bunch kale
2 cups basil
¼ olive oil cup
Salt and pepper *asparagus, spinach, tomato

Soak walnuts the night before eating. Then mix all items in blender and add noodles.

Day 5

Start with power smoothie, snack is avocado, lunch is quinoa burrito, snack is dates, dinner is wild rice and mushrooms with almond risotto.

Power smoothie

You need:

2 cup spinach
Cup mixed berries
2 spoons almond butter
2 cups almond milk
1 banana
1 spoon coconut oil
½ tsp cinnamon

In blender, mix the milk and spinach, add the rest and blend.

Quinoa burrito

You need:
Cup quinoa
4 onions
2 x 15 oz cans black adzuki beans
4 garlic cloves
2 limes juices
2 avocados
1 spoon cumin
Handful cilantro

Cook quinoa, add beans to heat up on low heat, add lime juice, garlic, cumin, onions, cook 15 min and add cilantro and avocado last.

Wild rice risotto with mushroom

You need:
cup wild rice
2 cups veggie broth
Half cup green onions
1 spoon olive oil
Half cup pecan halves
1,5 cup celery
½ onion
4 medium mushrooms
2 garlic cloves
Salt and pepper

In a pan cook mushrooms, garlic, onion, celery, until they are tender. Add broth and rice to boil. Lower heat, simmer and cover to cook 30 min. remove rice of heat add onions and celery. Then set oven to 350 F and on baking paper spread the pecans to roast 10 min and when done, chop them and add them in the risotto.

Day 6

Start with chia pudding, snack is half cup blueberries, lunch is miso soup and fermented tofu, snack is macadamia nuts, dinner is roasted veggies and 4 oz salmon.

Chia pudding

You need:

Cup coconu milk
4 spoons chia
Half spoon vanilla
¼ cup chopped nuts
Half spoon cinnamon
1 spoon coconut flakes
In a jar add milk and chia, cinnamon, vanilla, nuts. Cover with lid and stir, refrigerate. Then shake and add fruits, coconut, nuts.

Miso soup and tofu

You need:
¼ cup tofu
Half cup green onion
4 cups water
Half cup swiss chard
1 sheet nori
4 spoons miso paste
Simmer the water in pan, add nori and cook 7 min. apart put hot water, miso and mix. Add the soup and rest of items. Cook 5 min. season.

Roasted roots veggies

You need:
2 onions
1 lb parsnips
2 leeks
2 spoons rosemary
1 pound red potato
1 pound rutabagas
1 pound carrots
1 pound celery
2 leeks
Half cup olive oil
10 garlic cloves
Olive oil
Put a rack on the bottom of the oven and one in center. Turn on to 400 F. coat 2 sheets with oil. In bowl, mix the items except garlic. Add salt and pepper and divide. Roast 30 min. reverse sheets after this and add 5 garlic cloves in each. Cook 45 min.

Day 7

Start with quinoa porridge, snack is cantaloupe, lunch is Mexican salad, snack is coconut slices, dinner is pumpkin soup.

Quinoa porridge recipe

You need;
Half cup quinoa
15 oz coconut milk
Tsp chia
Tsp hemp seed
Tsp cinnamon

Mix all items except hemp seeds. Simmer 15 min and sprinkle hemp.

Mexican salad

You need:

2 cups quinoa
15 oz pinto beans
15 oz kidney beans
14 oz corn
¼ cilantro
1 red bell pepper
Cup brown rice
1 onion

For dressing:
2 cloves garlic
Spoon chili
¾ cups olive oil
1/3 cup vinegar
½ tsp black pepper
¼ tsp cayenne
½ tsp salt

In glass jar, mix corn, pepper, cilantro, pinto beans, quinoa, kidney beans, onion and rice. Mix and put over the mix. Cover with lid and refrigerate 2 hours.

Pumpkin soup

You need:
3 garlic cloves
2 pumpkins
2 shallots
Cup coconut milk
2 spoons maple or honey
2 cups veggie broth
¼ tsp: salt, nutmeg, black pepper, cinnamon

Preheat oven to 350 F and add baking sheet. Cut tops off 2 pumpkins and cut in halves. Seed them with spoon.
Brush this with oil and face down on paper. Bake 45 min and remove. Cool them 10 min and peel them.
In a pan, add oil, shallot, garlic, cook a bit and add rest of items, with pumpkin to simmer.
Put this in blender and make puree. Cook 10 min more and season.
When this week ends, find other tasty healthy recipes. Also, sleep, workout, and be hydrated.

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